Under Armour 495 Gripskin Basketball

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Players can handle the rock with confidence when dribbling this Under Armour® 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball on the floor. Whether guards are weaving through traffic and firing no-look passes to teammates or the bigs are backing down the defense to stuff it home, players can enjoy a sure feel on the ball with the UA GRIPSKIN composite material. On the break and in the half court offense, shooters can pull up from the elbow, on the baseline or take aim from deep, as the deep channel design allows fingers to find a groove quickly to put up a shot before the defense can react.


    • 100% butyl bladder retains air to ensure a consistent bounce on the floor and help minimize maintenance
    • 80% nylon windings help the ball maintain its shape through hard shots, contested rebounds, strong blocks and slick crossovers
    • UA GRIPSKIN composite material features a pebbled texture to provide players with a sure grip and feel when dribbling, shooting, passing and securing rebounds
    • Deep channel design allows players' fingers to find a groove quickly, so they can put up shots all over the floor
    • Designed for indoor and outdoor play