Slipp-Nott Base Replacement Sheets

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Slipp-Nott™ Court Floor Traction System is used to get traction on slippery gym floors.  The Slipp-Nott™ eliminates hand wiping of shoe soles for better traction and less slipping by removing dust, dirt and wax build-up from athletic shoe soles.    The specialty engineered sticky sheets easily removes dirt and dust from shoes simply by walking on and off.  The sheets are transparent and make it easy to notice a soiled top sheet, simply peel off the top sheet for a new sticky sheet.   It's also designed with a built-in carrying handle so you can easily transport to other gymnasiums.  

  • Easy to carry with built-in handle.
  • Includes Base and & Pad
  • Base Size: Base: 18''x19'' 
  • Sheet Size: 15"x18" 
  • 75 Sheets per set