Athletic Connection Tally Counter

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Keep this versatile Tally Counter handy to keep track of how many people attended your event or how many laps athletes have completed. With a simple click of the button, coaches can tally track and field circuits or weight lifting reps while their players train for future games and competitions, and administrators can use the counter to make quick head counts or inventory checks. Capable of tallying up to 9,999, this handheld tally counter can be attached to a lanyard or belt for simple transport to wherever it's needed.

  • Tally counter allows convenient tracking of event attendance, lap counts, repetitions and more
  • Handheld clicker design delivers easy, comfortable operation
  • Capable of counting up to 9,999 for tallying large numbers
  • Display showcases the current count in clear detail for at-a-glance notification
  • Attaches to a lanyard or belt for simple portability to games, practices and other events